Sailing 101: A Beginners Guide

Many people think it takes years of training and experience to navigate the waters when it comes to sailing safely. While there is some truth to this, it certainly doesn’t take much to get started. The first step to becoming a sailor starts with knowing the rules and basic vocabulary associated with sailing and then moving on to more hands-on training with your sailboat. Sailing is one of the most invigorating sports or hobbies out there; almost everyone has dreamed of sailing the seas at one time or another.

A Guide to Natural Hot Springs

Have you ever seen hot springs listed in the “things to do” section of your itinerary and felt a little curious? Have you been interested but hesitant because you’re not sure what to expect? Hot springs are a glorious natural phenomenon that can be enjoyable for the entire family. Visiting a natural hot spring is on many people’s bucket list. Some want to visit hot springs for a warm, relaxing outdoor soak, others seek the adventure in finding a remote backcountry hot tub, while many are attrac

The Kokopelli Trail — A Bikepacking Adventure.

The Kokopelli Trail is one of the most coveted bikepacking routes out there, and for good reason. Nowhere else can you find scenery quite like this! The 142-mile multi-use trail stretches from Loma, Colorado all the way to Moab, UT. This guide to bikepacking the Kokopelli Trail will give you the information and insight you need for a successful trip to one of the most spectacular bike trails out there. This incredibly scenic trail takes you along the Colorado Plateau and through colorful stret

Can Dogs Eat Chocolate?

Have you ever returned from work and found the remains of a perfectly good box of chocolates scattered around your home? While it’s unlikely that your canine companion was taking a go at redecorating your living room, chances are your pup was looking for something to snack on. Dogs and chocolate, (except the Labrador variety) generally aren’t a good mix; here are some things to take into consideration next time you’re asking “Can dogs eat chocolate?”

Aluminum vs Fiberglass Boats: Comparison Guide

Buying a boat can be very intimidating, even for the most seasoned captain. When purchasing or renting a boat, there are many things to consider, like your budget, where you’ll be taking the boat, and what you plan on using it for. Choosing a boat is like buying a car; you need to get something that suits you, your lifestyle, and the intended purpose. It doesn’t make sense to purchase a yacht or sailboat if you plan to use your boat for fishing or water skiing. Even when you’ve figured out the

5 Places to Ski Near Los Angeles

Los Angeles is famous for beaches, movie stars, and ethnic diversity. While taking a ski trip is certainly not reason alone to visit the Golden State, it’s a true fact that you can surf the waves and ski the slopes in a single day if you plan it strategically. Mammoth Ski Area is by far the most coveted mountain to ski in Southern California, but driving 5 hours or more in unpredictable weather conditions may not appeal to everyone. These 5 places to ski near Los Angeles are for those looking for an easy way to enjoy the slopes and still stay close to the city.

Alcatraz East: A Museum of Crime, Punishment, and Law Enforcement.

Whether you are into history, crime, or pop culture, the Alcatraz East Crime Museum has something for everyone. With a multitude of galleries, over 100 interactive experiences, as well as rotating temporary exhibits, the Alcatraz East Crime Museum is a must-see destination if you are in Pigeon Forge or the surrounding area. Crime Museum owners John Morgan and Seth Ellis designed the 25,000 square foot museum to replicate a 19th-century prison. The Building houses hundreds of crime-related artif

The Gentle Cycle

This was by no means a typical Sunday afternoon; confusion, panic, and grief set in as I tried to handle a situation so strange, that there exists no parallel to describe it. This particular Sunday had not begun with my usual coffee and morning news routine. I had returned home sometime early afternoon from a festival of sorts where I’d spent the weekend camping. As the afternoon went on, I unpacked my gear and started a load of laundry. I have an older model washing machine and it isn’t very

What Size Yacht is Best For You - Ultimate Guide to Choosing a Yacht

Choosing a yacht is sometimes just as complicated as choosing a new car, if not more. Besides, choosing a yacht is often a lifetime investment, unlike our vehicles which have a shelf life of around 30 years at best. By understanding your preferences, educating yourself on your choices, and testing out some options, you can make an educated decision before making a purchase. Buying a yacht is not something you want to jump into without first weighing out your options. The size of the yacht you c

7 Things to Do in California’s Alabama Hills: Movie Road, Hiking, Stargazing & More!

California’s Alabama Hills is one of the most fascinating places in the Eastern Sierras and should be on any Highway 395 itinerary! Nestled in the shadows of the grandiose Mt Whitney, the Alabama Hills afford plenty of opportunity for adventure and exploration. Whether you’re all about hiking and climbing or prefer to just chill in camp, there’s no lack of things to keep you occupied! Used as the backdrop for countless western movies like How the West Was Won and the Lone Ranger, these unusua
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